De pluribus - hmm, aş putea jura că în latineşte înseamnă "despre diverse chestii" ...


De pluribus - errr - I think this means " 'bout stuff " in Latin ...

vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Some more football comments ...

A bunch of favorites -- that is, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, England, even Turkey and Sweden -- have maximum of points. Italy especially is obviously struggling to keep up the pace with the other superpowers, they can't forget so easily the shameful behavior in W.C.S.A. 2010 (I mean World Cup South Africa). Even so, they were almost beaten by the Estonians ... I'm eager to see their friendly match against Romania, which is another derailed team.

France is an unpredictable team. They lost home against Belarus but they have beaten away on Bosnia. The so-much-overrated Bosnia. (Bosnia looks now like the so-much-overrated Colombia in World Cup '94).

Other interesting facts:

1. Bulgaria lost away against England and home against Montenegro. Who is Montenegro anyway -- in football, of course?!?

2. World champion Spain has also maximum of points, however they played only one game.

3. Small teams are -- well, small. No one has done anything worth mentioning, except maybe Georgia (a draw in Greece), Belarus (win in France) and the afore=mentioned Montenegro which has also 6 points.

4. The next Eusopean's final tournament may have 24 teams. This is almost half of the 53 teams in UEFA organization. This is plainly stupid. I recall old times when the final tournament comprised only 8 teams out of 32.

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