De pluribus - hmm, aş putea jura că în latineşte înseamnă "despre diverse chestii" ...


De pluribus - errr - I think this means " 'bout stuff " in Latin ...

duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

Some football comments ...

OK, let's see:

1. Liechtenstein was leading Scotland 1-0 after the first half. Now that's troublesome - either the Scots are really stupid, or the Lichts became more professional than ever (Frick and Stocklassa are well-known to anyone who has ever played against them: this includes Romanians, of course).

Anyway, Flower of Scotland (remember this? - the biggest a cappella choir in the world) has eventually overcome Ulrich von Liechtenstein of Gelderland (remember A Knight's Tale? - Heath Ledger amd one of his latest movies, not to mention that tournament's point-awarding system which was a delight for a football fan - 3 points for unhorsing or inadvertently killing the foe, 2 points for a CounterStrike-like headshot, 1 point for a chest hit, or something like that).

Steve McManus did that awful job in the last-minutes sequences. Yeah, awful - I would like to see the Lichts securing one well-deserved point.

2. Cyprus is crazy. They didn't care they were playing against the worst best-player in the world - I mean the guy formerly known as CR7, or was it CR9? - so they secured a 4-4 draw. Now, a 0-0 or even an 1-1 draw woudn't have been such a fuss. But 4-4? with Cyprus leading twice in the early stages of the game? and the same Cyprus levelling the score 1 minute before the final whistle?

Simply unbelievable.

And this was the first day (Friday).

The second day (Tuesday) Portugal was beaten fair and square by the Norwegians, which aren't by no means any kind of top-dogs here. So, I'm allowed to say Bye-bye Portugal! won't see you in the final tournament. And this is only fair, since they hammered those poor North-Korean bastards this summer in WC2010 - their unique and only exploit in South Africa, because whi cares about a tasteless 0-0 against Brazil? (who was Brazil anyway?)

To be continued in another post ...

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