De pluribus - hmm, aş putea jura că în latineşte înseamnă "despre diverse chestii" ...


De pluribus - errr - I think this means " 'bout stuff " in Latin ...

miercuri, 15 septembrie 2010

Chocolate (2)

"What's the matter with the previous images?" you ask me.

Well, it's all about chocolate and chocolate wrappings. The late eighties were hard times for nearly all Romanians, and especially the kids. Everybody knows that, so chocolate bars were a delight for me, in such a way I kept almost every wrapping. This way, I was able to recall the chocolate's taste only by looking at these pieces of paper, since the chocolate bars themseleves were few and far between.

You may recognise some western brands, especially Austrian and West German brands, however the vast majority are from Eastern Europe (Hungary is on top) and China. Romanian chocolate - Kandia, for instance - show also many faces.

Sweet memories, if I may say so - in a way - bitter memories on the other hand.

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